Theology Nights

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

- John 1:1


Theology Nights presents

The Science of Jesus 

A Basic Course on Christology

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Theology Nights presents “The Science of Jesus,” a four-session basic course on Christology. Presented by Father Ignacio Llorente, the course explores the theology behind nature and work of Jesus, including the meaning of Revelation, the union of Christ’s divinity and humanity, and the consequences of God assuming human flesh.

Please fill out the registration form below if you are interested in attending. If you have questions, email us at The total fee for all four sessions is $15 (payable at the door). Don’t forget to bring your Bible!


Course Details 

Session One: Feb. 21

How to Know Jesus? The notion of Revelation: Jesus in the Old and New Testament

Session Two: Feb. 28

Reasons for the Incarnation: Why did God assume human flesh?

Session Three: Mar 7

Fully God and Fully Human: Hypostatic Union. Christological Heresies

Session Four: Mar 14

Consequences of the Incarnation: The mind, will, and emotions of Christ through the lenses of the Gospel


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