Alpha Course

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About Alpha

What Is The Alpha Course?

Alpha is a 12-week introduction to the Catholic faith. Each evening begins with dinner at 6:30 p.m., followed by a talk and a small group discussion, with the opportunity to ask questions and express opinions. An important element of the course is the weekend away. After session 6, we invite attendees to do a weekend-away retreat focused on the Holy Spirit. It’s very important to attend this retreat because it really impacts the lives of those who attend.

What Are The Topics?

Topics include Christianity, Who is Jesus?, Why did Jesus die?, Faith, The Bible, Prayer, How does God guide us?, etc. See the full list of topics and the schedule below.

What Is The Cost?

There is no cost for the course. You can donate to help defray the cost of the dinners. There will be a charge for the weekend-away retreat (approximately $150 per person, and scholarships are available).

Child care will be provided. When you register below, please indicate if you will need child care.

How Do I Register?

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Course Dates And Topics